image We raise and breed specialty and rare chicken breeds such as the Barnevelder and Light Sussex. If you would like to see our photos of the birds and their eggs or learn more about them, please select the appropriate breed below.


Our Breeds

AmeraucanasAmeraucana (Blue/Wheaten)

The Ameraucana was developed in the 70's by a few people who were trying to standardize the Araucana breed.

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The Barnevelder is a medium heavy breed of chicken named after the Dutch town of Barneveld.

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Blue Partridge DutchBlue Partridge Dutch

The Dutch bantam or De Hollandse Krielan has been in existence for a long time and first appeared in Britain in the late 1960s.

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CochinsCochin Bantams

The Cochin Bantam is of the feather legged class. The bantam rooster weighs on average 32 oz, while the hen weighs a smaller 28 oz.

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ENGLISHEnglish Coronation Sussex

These birds are the result of a breeding project several years in the making--and they are now ready to be introduced.

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SussexLight Sussex

The Sussex chicken was created over a century ago in the county of Sussex, England.

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FaverollesSalmon Faverolles (Blue/Salmon)

The Faverolle is a deep chested bird with a thick rectangular body and an unusual owl-like feathered face. They have small ear-lobes and wattles partly concealed by the muffling, and a long full beard. The breed is polydactyl, with an extra toe positioned above the fourth, and the legs are sparsely feathered down to the outer toe.

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cinnamon sussex150x115Cinnamon Sussex

Cinnamon Sussex have the Chocolate/Dun gene. So instead of feather that normally are black, they are now brown.

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Paul's coops are well built and he has great craftsmanship!

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We are located in Concord which is in the East Bay.



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