The double-laced partridge pattern of the rare breed Barnvelder is truly a sight to behold. This showy bird is a beautiful bronze on iridescent greenish-black lacing on reddish-brown colored feathers. Developed in the town of Barneveld, Holland and known to be good layers of dark brown eggs. Very rare in the United States which makes them quite desirable and highly sought after. They are slow to mature but make a good dual purpose breed. Average mature weight: Roosters 7 lbs., Hens 6 lbs.

When breeding Barnevelder, the blue gene applies as in other blue breeds. The blue and black chicks look identical when hatched and their color is not apparent until they have feathered completely. This occurs at about 6-7 weeks. So you could receive blue and /or black.

Blue Laced Barnevelders

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