Cinnamon Sussex are Light Sussex with the Dunn Gene.
Sussex chickens are a heritage poultry breed known for its egg-laying abilities. This chicken breed turns a free-range diet into a heavy production of beautiful brown or tinted eggs. The origins of the Sussex Fowl are found in southeast England — Surrey, Kent, and Sussex — where fowl similar to the Old Dorking and game birds had existed for some two thousand years on farmsteads large and small. This native stock is sometimes called the Old English Fowl. The very first poultry show, held in England in 1845, recognized these native birds: the Dorking, the Surrey, and the Kent or Old Sussex Fowl. Although the original Sussex Fowl was probably speckled, several color varieties were already developed, including the Red. The Sussex was mainly used as a table bird. The Sussex was raised for market in larger numbers beginning in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Cinnamon Sussex